ERP Finance & Accounting

This module of the software will take care of all accounts related entries and their impact on the whole system. How the finance comes and how it is been utilized. Total flow of money (Cash/Bank) and total expenditures will be reflected here. As an after effect of this, the management will be able to take their important financial decision, Budgeting etc. They can come to know about company's financial position at any point of time. All sorts of important financial reports i.e. Trial Balance, Trading A/c, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Debtor's Balance, Creditors Balance, Cash/Bank Fund position and many more are covered in this module.

The Accounting Module is completely Transaction based unlike journal based. This implies most of the accounting functions are handled through relevant transactions in other Modules there by saving lot of time. The Module contains complete functionality required for any Accounting Department right from vouchers to the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account.

Budgeting and Variance Analysis between Budgeted and Actual figures helps in controlling the Enterprise Expenses and Income efficiently. The Module also includes Cost Centres, which is completely flexible in terms of defining Cost Centres and their components. Cost Allocations for General Overheads can also be done on a pre-defined basis and required outputs could be generated for analysis purposes. Outstanding of Payables and Receivables with Ageing Analysis of both debtors and creditors are some the features of this module. Overall the module takes care of complete functions of any Accounting department.

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ERP HR & PayRoll

Nexgon ERP is focused on demands of growing business enterprise.

Nexgon ERP can be deployed over Internet, VPN, Extranet etc. which allows the users to transact with the help of a web-enabled browser irrespective of its location.

Designed for quick and problem free solution with a robust structure.

Designed for virtually all legal and statutory indexes. ERP Sales & Procurement

Revenues from sales are live blood for commercial organizations. Sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing.

Sales force automation automates stages in the sales process depending on the specific needs of a business. Our solutions include sales lead tracking, sales forecasting (Over a time Period, Forecasts Schedule& Sales quota), Competitor info, Order management etc.

The goal of Sales &SFA is to streamline the entire sales process in order to make businesses more efficient

Purchase module streamlines procurement of required raw materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control. our Purchase module automate supply chain management.

Inventory module facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status. Integration of inventory control module with sales, purchase, finance modules allows ERP systems to generate vigilant executive level reports.

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Nexgon College & Student Care

The whole purpose of a college is to educate its students in the best possible way, giving each and every student enough time and opportunity to learn and grow. But the people responsible for this job are engaged for most of their time in management and administration activities like preparing results, generating Time Table, keeping track of attendance and many more.

Here, "Nexgon College & Student Care" comes into picture. It takes all such extra but necessary activities required for proper functioning of a college, off the shoulders of people like principal, professors etc, who can now devote their maximum time to their students, so that each student gets personal attention.

Price: 175000/- INR Buy Now

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